Pidato Bahasa Inggris tentang Manfaat Teknologi Informasi dan Komunikasi

        Anda perlu pidato bahasa inggris ? mau lomba ? atau tugas sekolah/kuliah ? yuk merapat... sekarang aku mau share Sebuah pidato bahasa Inggris yang aku buat dulu pada tahun 2013 untuk mengikuti lomba ENGLISH SPEECH di kampusku. waktu itu kampusku merayakan Dies Natalis yang ke-6  yang dimeriahkan dengan berbagai macam lomba. Dan Alhamdulillah aku bisa meraih juara 1 dan mengalahkan kira-kira 15 Kontestan .. (nggak banyak2 amat yaa

         Bagaimanakah isi pidatonya ? nih aku kasih tau, pidato ini bertema tentang teknologi. Jadi aku kasih judul " Benefits of Information Teknologies and Communication". yang artinya "Manfaat Teknologi Informasi dan Komunikasi" , ini dia naskah pidato yang aku tulis,,, semoga bermanfaat yaa.


Honorable the grand Jury , and Honorable My beloved Friends...
Good Morning All....
How are you this morning ? I hope we are in a good condition in this lovely morning .. Amen.
We must give thank to our God, because of God’s blessing we can stand here until today...
I also would like to thank to the English lecturer who has provided me time to stand here in front of you for conveying  my speech.
There is a saying says,” don’t know then don’t like , don’t like then don’t love..” . Therefore allow me to introduces my self ,  My complete name is Sakinah Lisdawati , you can call me Sakinah , I’m from the class C , majoring in Information System , second semester.

Okay Guys...Today I would like to deliver my speech about Benefits of Information Technologies and Communication.

Dear Audience...
Have you ever heard of Information Technology ? what is mean by Information technology ???
Okay,,, Information technology is a way for users to communicate the media they want to convey to others. Use of Information can be bad and good. Impact helps us to obtain much information from the sophisticated technology that many emerging lately.
Information and telecommunication technology can be utilized in various fields of life such as in the fields of education,business,health,government and social.
Apparently a lot of the benefits of ICT in our daily lives For Example in the field of education With the possible education and dissemination of information technology to transform science education sectors .

Some of the use of ICT in education include:
First ,  Presentation
Learning can be done through the presentation so as to attract the attention of students to better understand the material presented well

And Then,  Science coverage more widely studied.
The existence of the Internet so that information about the vast knowledge in every field of science is not limited to textbooks, at the start of the MIPA, sports, arts and other sciences

Finally , Virtual Classroom
The existence of the Internet allows for remote teaching and learning  to be more effective and efficient so as to obtain better results.
The students who were attending school and students also helped with the internet in doing schoolwork  or college assignments. Students can search for thesis material on the internet or the paper assignment students seeking material on the internet .

And then , Application of Information and Communication Technology in Business..   

ICT is also useful in the fields of business, many are successful because of the information and communication technology. You know and recognize Bill Gates (founder of Microsoft) or Mark Zuckerberg (creator of social networking such as facebook), they are one of the successful examples of people taking advantage of information and communication technology. Their revenues estimated at more than $ 17.55 billion, very very WOW right ?  are now using ICT business was very profitable just by using technology such as the internet, you can promote your business online (e-commerce) with coverage of the world.

The Next  Application of Information and Communication Technology in Health
System-based smart card can be used for medical interpreters who know the medical history of patients come to the hospital because the card the medical interpreter can determine the patient's disease history. The use of robots to assist the process of surgery and the use of three-dimensional computer imaging results to show the location of the disease in the patient's body.

Dear Audience...
Benefits of ICT not only in education but also in the economic field. ICT can encourage  rural small and medium enterprises in order to get more value and move the village economy. Imagine the benefits of villagers in search of the latest information on high-yielding rice seeds, seeds or other crop seeds. Breeders can also find excellent products livestock. Pretty helpful, right?

Dear Audience ....
Other benefits of ICT in the field of electronic-education also exist. We already know the internet goes to school programs, community access points, e-learning, and smartcampus.   
The government also must prepare the relevant regulatory restrictions on freedom of internet access. Acces is free too could result in less good for the development of society  , especially in the area who are hungry for information.   

We must realize, ICT especially the Internet is just a tool only and is not a solution in the world of education, formal or informal. However the quality of education obtained from qualified educators coupled with government support curriculum educates students in accordance with the requirements that are implemented correctly and creatively.     

Well , the conclusion the benefits of information and communication technology is very much , the advent of technology allows us not only in the Education , Business , and health. But its many other benefits...

Dear Audience..
That’s the end of my speech, I’m sorry if I made a mistake because I’m only human being who sometimes make a mistake. Thank you so much for your attention.  May Allah bless you

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Nah, sekian dulu yaa... mohon maaf jika dalam penulisan naskah pidato tersebut terdapat kesalahan penggunaan bahasa Inggrisnya, maklum hasil translate dari Mbah Google :) ....

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